My Passion!

My Passion!
Craft, craft and more craft

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Poppets 1st Challenge

Well here goes....I'm posting this first challenge early so I can gauge the interest.
The colour theme is Sweet Peas..

The layout is.....
There will be a small crafting candy for the winner, who will be picked at random.

My Sample

Right, all you need to do is add your picture via the linkz tool adding a link to your blog,  or email it to me at
Entry via email

Dippy Dog

News, views and choose..

We're having a new edition to the family!!
Cindys daughter from her first litter, Scarlet, is coming to live with us. That will be three girls and myself and one brave guy...Pete! Scarlet is Holly's half sister and they all got on well when we visited Scarlet a week ago. We hope to collect Scarlet Easter weekend.

To add to that, we went to our first Dog Show (Shih Tzu's,  of course!!)...and I've got the show bug. We think we will let Holly have a litter and keep a puppy to show. This will give me time to learn the ropes. It will mean we will be a four dog family....We will definately not be downsizing when Pete retires!

I've also been busy making a few cards...
Simply Sassy Stardust.

Strictly Card Dancers CD.

And lastly, Sister's card. The message on the picture reads "Does my bum look big in this?".

Thanks for looking......and the choose bit.....
I'm starting a fortnightly Challenge!!

The Challenge will be posted 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Just email me your picture, which I will then add on my blog. The collection will run for thirteen days. There will be a craft goody up for grabs!

So the first one will be 4th April. 
I will launch a post for each challenge.

Bye for now. X 

Sugar Bowl Challenge 56

Good Morning, or should it be Good Afternoon! My body clock is still an hour out, lol!
Well, I said I would combine the SB Challenge 56 with the box tutorial on Simply Sassy Blog....and yippee I did. Instead of a candle box, I made some simply sassy notelets and put those in the box, (I altered the measurements to fit).

The layout was:-

and suggested colour theme was Pink.

And these are the notelets.....

 I hope you like the project, my Granddaughter does as she gets to keep it!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Playing with different folds

I had a couple of ideas floating round the empty space in my head! A difficult card for a teen age boy who has little interests except electric guitar and computer games...the image even looks like him!


Next one up is a commissioned New Home Card......

And finaly, playing with a trifold card............and of course a simply sassy "Stardust" stamp.....
And that's it for today.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sugar Bowl Challenge 55

Hello, hello, hello!
Well here we go again.
For this challenge I used Simply Sassy Stamp "Delicious" and a card project from Joanna Sheens News letter> Added to that, I followed the layout and Spring theme.......

And this is my card!

That's all folks!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

A couple of cards and mis behaving poochies!!

Hello peeps!
What a week! Double glazing fitted on Friday, so I sat playing on my Laptop while there was a gapping great hole in my lounge! Brrrr, t'was somewhat chilly.

Two cards made this weekend...for my great nephew and one for his granddad to give him! He's very much into Army and Soldiers!
Please note the crocheted camoflage net!!

3D Theatre card

Stepper Card

Hope you like them!

Now for the naughty bit!!!
I left a box of tissues on the floor of my craft room, big mistake!!

It wasn't me, mum!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sassy Luminaria

Something a little different....
If you want to use my idea, please do, but I would ask that you post a link to my blog. Thank you.

I hope you can follow the instructions and images......