My Passion!

My Passion!
Craft, craft and more craft

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday Playtime

Hello Ladies
Well, Itreated myself to the Do crafts Tulip Make a Scene Stamp set and A5 paper pad. I've used the paper pad on Fridays post.
So today I had a go with the stamp set....for a first attempt I'm quite pleased. I used five stamps to create the picture.
What I have thought is:- as soon as I get a new stamp I'm going to stamp it onto a post it note. This way I get to see how the image looks and create a mask for future use. I can never wait to stamp that first image, this way I can stamp and make something usefull straight away! These are the masks I made for the card above.

Have a lovely weekend, and dont forget Challenge number three is being posted for Monday.

Friday, 29 April 2011

A proud Day for Great Britain

Evening Ladies..
Wasn't Catherine exsquisite and what a lovely, graceful wedding. And double bonus with two kisses!
Hearty congratulations!

Ever onward, and upward, I had a go at a different style card. I like the 3D style and have made one from 1 A4 sheet and the second from 2 A4 sheets.

I used Sugar Nellie stamp "Goosey Gander", available from Funky Kits.

 For this I used Simply Sassy stamps Stardust & Rapunzel
both available from Funky Kits.

Be interesting to know what you think.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday 27th April 2011

A quick dash in and out again! A busy day with running craft club and getting stuck on a jam packed M5!
Still, managed to make a card or two! One can be seen on earlier post "Poppets Challenge 2", the other...
Which is going on the FB Challenge. Back tomorrow with a lovely little card project!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Days!

Hi Ladies....
Well, I have been a busy little bee! I made 24 Vienese Fingers and an Easter Cake. Plus several cards and a little notelet project! Two of the cards are viewable on the sugar bowl challenge 58 post, this is one other...
And a little tag...

Here.s the pictures of the Notelet holder and a few cards...

and just to make you hungry....

That's about it. Though we did have a lovely Turkey with all the trimmings, except Crackers!
Be back tomorrow! Have a lovely day.

Sugar Bowl Challenge 58

Hello, hope you've had a lovely Easter! The weather has been lovely. Let's all hope it stays lovely for Kate and William!

Here's my entry for the sugar bowl challenge 58...
This is the layout...
Which I rotated....

I really like the button embellishments, and Rapunzel is soooo sweet! (available from Funky Kits).
I also made a second card in the same layout....
This one is "Lost in thought" from Funky Kits.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday Musings

Sorry I missed a day....but it wasn't my fault, honest it wasn't!
Had to prepare for two teaching sessions for this week. So here's what I've managed to do today. Hope you like!!

This one is for the Facebook challenge..spotty!

Found this mini easle in the range and just knew what to use it for!

No, it's not a Christmas card!
But an apple a day!

And a couple of non stamped cards...

And finaly a project from Simply Sassy, details:-

That's all folks!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Poppets Challenge 2

Hello crafters,
The Winner of my first challenge is  No 1 Chrissieann! Well done. Can you email me your address please.
Can Sheila (Dippy Dog), Sue (Bearhouse) and Dianne, also email me your addresses please. There's a little something waiting to wing it's way to all 0f a little thank you for taking part in my first ever challenge!

Now for challenge 2

Layout...(can be rotated or stretched!), and colours:-
Theme:- Thank you
My example:-

Email Entries
4 Sheila (Dippy Dog)

5 Hayley
6 Sue (Bearhouse)

Sassy DT Comp, Wall hangings and more!

Good morning stampers and all,
Even though I've been on coffee detail all weekend...I still managed to be productive! The workshop now has a roof you can walk on and is finished. Three sides on...only the front to go, but this has two opening windows and a 3' stable style door (allowing bottom half to be closed and preventing our four legged tykes from getting covered in sawdust!) I willl post pics of the project, once it's complete!
So, here's a couple of pics of my efforts...

I will "Do" this as a tutorial if interest is shown!

And this is my wall hanging, it's only taken me
18 months to get round to making it!

AND....I baked a maple and walnut loaf!!

Have a lovely day. I'm off to open my second challenge!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Thank Crunchie It's Friday!

Hi peeps,
A quick visit from moi today, as hubby is finishing early to resume work on his workshop! I'm on coffee detail as usual...
I just wanted to show you a few pics of my eldest granddaughter from yesterday. My two granddaughters are taking it in turns to spend a day "doing" something creative. This was Shannons day........


Shannon made two panels,padded handles and lined the bag. She stitched two hearts to each side!

Welldone Shannon. Next week we're making jewelery, Amber, Shannon and Nana!

Off to design the layout for my next challenge!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sorry I've been absent

Hi crafters!
Sorry I've been missing, hubbys shed has been taking up all my time. Had a go at a couple of projects at weekend, but this is the first chance I've had to load them!
First off is a quick Sugar Nellie digi stamp, pendant card.....

Secondly is a little project for my granddaughter....Baking set
Make 2, trim one piece of 12x12 too
11.75x11.75inches(This is base box)

I decorated the lid with sugar nellie "cherry on top" some handmade flowers and a couple of ribbon ties.
Amber was thrilled and was busy baking with nana yesterday!